Work roll consumption

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Work roll consumption

Reducing roller energy consumption can effectively reduce production costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, it can effectively increase the operation rate of rolling mills and ensure the surface quality of hot-rolled products.

Work roll consumption

In the production of hot-rolled strip, the consumption of rollers is enormous. The key to reduce roll consumption is whether the accidental roll can be properly handled after an accident. Roller roll body steel strips are sticky and overlapped, and the area is large.

When the thickness is more Work roll consumption 3mm, the attached strip steel needs to be turned off first.

Work roll consumption

Check the surface of the roll body after the attached iron sheet has fallen. If cracks and peeling occur, determine the depth of cut depending on the degree of damage.

Make sure that the defect is eliminated without increasing the excessive roll wear. Since the shoulders of the rollers do not directly contact the steel plate, the crack spalling part can be removed, the grinding chamfering can be performed, and the contact roller chamfering method and angle can be adjusted to improve the stress distribution of the roller body.

When the damage is at the edge of the roll, increase the length of the chamfer at the end when grinding. Residues of defects are treated with an angle grinder and the surrounding area is over-smoothed to prevent further spreading of the spalling defects.

When the damage is in the middle of the roll, it is conventionally ground and then also treated with an angle grinder and the defect is rounded all around.

Adjust roll type In accordance with the actual production situation, the F1-F4 rolls can be changed from concave rollers to HVC roller types. And increase F5-F7 roller negative crown, thereby improving the roll surface stress distribution.

Can achieve a better control of the purpose of the plate, and reduce roll consumption. Other ways to reduce roll consumption 5. Organize various treatment methods for rolling accidents, increase the speed of emergency response, and minimize the damage of the accident to the rollers; 5.

To establish a reasonable roll inspection standards to ensure the quality of the roll while reducing unnecessary losses; 5.


Select excellent roll manufacturers, and customize high quality rolls such as material and hardness that meet the production characteristics of heavy steel hot-rolled sheet mills; 5.

After the production is stable, the high-speed steel rolls are selected in the front end of the finishing roll to further reduce the roll wear. You may be interested.This work aims to underline that the synergy between the roll shop and the roll producer is the only way to optimize the roll performance.

Working with this approach becomes possible a reasonable cost reduction for the roll shop as well a correct evaluation of real yield of the roll.

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Work roll thermal expansion (crown) plays an important role in controlling strip profile and flatness of the strips. This can be done with a perfect and controllable cooling system which also takes care of the work roll against damage induced by fire cracking.

Reduction in Work Roll Consumption of Skin Pass Mill Using six sigma-A case study A Thesis Submitted to the Ranchi University in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree Of Master of Science Engg.

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