Treasure island and hard times essay

He was christened Robert Lewis Balfour Stevenson. At about age 18, Stevenson changed the spelling of "Lewis" to "Louis", and inhe dropped "Balfour". I must suppose, indeed, that he was fond of preaching sermonsand so am I, though I never heard it maintained that either of us loved to hear them. Illness would be a recurrent feature of his adult life and left him extraordinarily thin.

Treasure island and hard times essay

For a discussion of Stevenson's novel Strange Case of Treasure island and hard times essay.

Treasure island and hard times essay

Hydesee. See also Markheim Criticism. Stevenson's brilliantly constructed adventure novel Treasure Island has remained a popular favorite for both children and adults. Noted in particular for its entertainment value, the novel has inspired extensive media and commercial adaptations, as well as praise from critics who have emphasized Stevenson's highly skilled plotting and delineation of character and setting.

Commentators have also stressed Treasure Island's status as a work that simultaneously embraces and departs from the generic conventions of the prose romance.

He rented a cottage in Braemar, where he began to write Treasure Island, the book which marked a major turning point in his literary career. Up until that point, Stevenson's literary output had been uneven—Treasure Island marked the author's mastery of tone, pace, and vocabulary.

The idea for the story initially began with a water-color map that Stevenson drew as part of an intricate adventure game for his stepson.

As the novel gradually evolved, Stevenson regularly shared portions of the work-inprogress with friends and relatives, taking their comments into account.

Plot and Major Characters Set in the s, Treasure Island describes the adventures of a boy named Jim Hawkins after he discovers a map showing the way to buried treasure.

Jim's father is the landlord of the Admiral Benbow, an inn where Billy Bones, an old seaman who once served under the pirate Captain Flint, takes up lodgings. A treasure map is found in Bones's sea chest following the former pirate's death; and with this in hand, Jim, Dr.

During the voyage, Jim's discovery of plans for a mutiny led by Long John Silver, the ship's cook, helps to save the expedition. After a prolonged struggle, Long John Silver's mutineers take the boy hostage and then begin to search for the treasure on the island, but they unearth only an empty chest.

Both Jim and Long John Silver are rescued from the enraged pirates and led to the treasure by Ben Gunn, a half-wild sailor who had been marooned on the island for many years.

They abandon the mutineers, rejoin the captain and his small band of loyal followers, and set sail for the West Indies, where Long John leaves the ship. Eventually the Hispaniola returns to Bristol where Jim, his friends, and the loyal crew all enjoy an ample share of the treasure.

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Major Themes Drawing upon the medieval narrative tradition of the romantic quest, Treasure Island recounts a boy's journey from innocence to experience, giving the physical adventure of a pirate story a heightened significance.

The quest theme suggests several levels of meaning: Jim gains knowledge of himself, an understanding of the nature of the adult world, and insight into the duplicity of human character, symbolized, for example, by the moral ambiguity of Long John Silver.

Jim is both fascinated and repelled by the pirates, who have been interpreted by critics as representations of the underside of civilization. Similarly, Jim is at once enticed and repulsed by the blood-tainted buried treasure, which some critics have viewed as a symbol of the economics of the "real world" that he will face as an adult.

The treasure money itself is amoral—the potential inspiration for enslavement or freedom, crime or heroism. Critical Reception Treasure Island has received praise for its skillful plotting and pacing of action, its articulation of colorful characters, and its evocative setting.

Much criticism of the novel has been concerned with the work's affinities with and departures from the familiar conventions of the prose romance, and specifically, adventure fiction. While David Daiches emphasized Stevenson's decision to frame his novel "in one of the oldest of all narrative moulds—the quest," William H.

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Hardesty and David Mann note how the author "changed [those conventions] or, occasionally, turned them upside down. Treasure Island, most argue, demonstrates a relatively ambiguous morality and complexity of character development through such characters as Long John Silver, who serves both as villain and inverted father figure to Jim Hawkins.College Admissions Essay: Dilemma of the Deserted Island - Dilemma of the Deserted Island The following question has been asked: What three things I would take with me if I were forced to live on a deserted island.

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Treasure island and hard times essay

From Angus Fletcher’s Introduction to Treasure Island. If we go back to the origins of adventure story fiction, we discover that the heroic quest remains its principal myth.

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