The ooda loop hema

A chilly rain and cloudy skies saw a crowd bundled in winter coats hurrying into the chapel. Full military honors including an honor guard, band, rifle squad, and flag-draped caisson drawn by six gray horses were provided. He was more than just a great stick-and-rudder man, though; he was a strategist.

The ooda loop hema

Wisdom from the inimitable xkcd. A good martial artist is responsive, not reactive. Recently, some anonymous fool posted a long and completely valueless article dissing HEMA on the grounds that it is not optimised for street self-defence or MMA. It was an obvious example of a straw-man argument, criticising HEMA for something it has never pretended to be.

Useful criticism is essential for growth which is why I sent out copies of the first draft of my next book, The Theory and Practice of Historical European Martial Arts, for beta-readers to critique— and sure enough I have a month of revisions, corrections, and improvements to make.

But this particular article was not offering constructive criticism, because the very angry writer was not criticising any version of HEMA I have ever come across.


The only reason I came across this waste of pixels and my time was because several of my colleagues shared it. They were furious, and so shared the article so everyone else could be furious too. This was reactivity, and such inappropriate behaviour on their part that I was simply appalled that supposedly trained martial artists would behave this way.

Somebody was wrong on the internet, and their reaction was completely out of proportion, and very counter-productive. I thought about it for a while, then posted this on my Facebook wall: So why the hell are you all sharing it?

Starve the troll, deny him traffic, and he will wither and die.

The OODA Loop & HEMA | Christopher VanSlambrouck -

Anyone sharing the article in the comments will be blocked. Can you see the difference? A reaction is immediate, and may or may not serve your interests. A response is deliberate, based on your skills and experience, and should, all things considered, serve your interests.

In this case, my response was to call out the behaviour of colleagues who should know better, in the hopes that they would stop sharing low-quality material. It seems to have worked, and at least got some of them to think about what they were doing.

I have some hope of influencing them with reasonable argument. Putting that first will tend to make you reactive, not responsive. It is a good idea to do whatever is necessary to avoid slipping into a reactive state of mind. Three rules for remaining responsive on the internet This is excellent advice.

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The OODA Loop & HEMA This is not a reworking or rewording of any historical master’s writings, nor some kind of new Rosetta Stone, there is nothing new under the sun and to .

The ooda loop hema

Essay on The Ooda Loop & Hema Note: The OODA Loop & HEMA This is not a reworking or rewording of any historical master’s writings, nor some kind of new Rosetta Stone, there is nothing new under the sun and to think otherwise is a fallacy [1].

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