The new file sync and share

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The new file sync and share

You can have as many caches as you need across the world. This article is designed to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues that you might encounter with your Azure File Sync deployment. We also describe how to collect important logs from the system if a deeper investigation of the issue is required.

Refresh 2 release for Azure File Sync preview | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

If you don't see the answer to your question, you can contact us through the following channels in escalating order: I'm having an issue with Azure File Sync on my server sync, cloud tiering, etc. Should I remove and recreate my server endpoint?

Removing and recreating the server endpoint is almost never an appropriate solution to fixing issues with sync, cloud tiering, or other aspects of Azure File Sync. Removing a server endpoint is a destructive operation, and may result in data loss in the case that tiered files exist outside of the server endpoint namespace see Why do tiered files exist outside of the server endpoint namespace for more information or in inaccessible files for tiered files existing within the server endpoint namespace.

These issues will not resolve when the server endpoint is recreated. Tiered files may exist within your server endpoint namespace even if you never had cloud tiering enabled.

We therefore recommend that you do not remove the server endpoint unless you would like to stop using Azure File Sync with this particular folder or have been explicitly instructed to do so by a Microsoft engineer.

For more information on remove server endpoints, see Remove a server endpoint. Agent installation and server registration Troubleshoot agent installation failures If the Azure File Sync agent installation fails, at an elevated command prompt, run the following command to turn on logging during agent installation: Agent installation fails on Active Directory Domain Controller If you try to install the sync agent on an Active Directory domain controller where the PDC role owner is on a Windows Server R2 or below OS version, you may hit the issue where the sync agent will fail to install.

To resolve, transfer the PDC role to another domain controller running Windows Server R2 or more recent, then install sync. Server is not listed under registered servers in the Azure portal If a server is not listed under Registered servers for a Storage Sync Service: Sign in to the server that you want to register.

Server Registration displays the following message during Azure File Sync agent installation: To unregister the server from the current Storage Sync Service and then register with a new Storage Sync Service, complete the steps that are described in Unregister a server with Azure File Sync.

If the server is not listed under Registered servers in the Storage Sync Service, on the server that you want to unregister, run the following PowerShell commands: When I register a server, I see numerous "web site not trusted" responses.


This issue occurs when the Enhanced Internet Explorer Security policy is enabled during server registration.A guide explaining how to set up the server side of a Word Folders Sync Share on Windows Server R2. It’s time to create the Sync Share. Go to the File and Storage Services area of the Server Manager and click on TASKS.

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The new file sync and share

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