The greatest guard player in nba history

Russell played center for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association from to He had many talented players besides Chamberlain to contend with and his dominance is unsurpassed. Never overpursuing putting yourself out of position to make a playgetting in the right spot for a rebound and ultimately shutting down any consistent points against you.

The greatest guard player in nba history

Where do LeBron, Curry rank? The players out on that floor, in those jackets, made for a surreal collection of talent representing past and present. Taking the average ranking of our seven panelists, we came to the conclusion that nine active players have done enough to earn a spot on the all-time top 50 list, while 19 players from the original list -- including Robert Parrish, Bill Walton, Tiny Archibald and James Worthy -- have fallen out.

And so, without further ado, let the debating begin as we present to you a revised ranking of our 50 greatest players in NBA history. Kawhi Leonard At 25, he is the youngest player on this list, and he has already drawn Michael Jordan comparisons. This is absolutely nuts for a player who was drafted No.

Leonard won Finals MVP in his third season, has two Defensive Player of the Year awards already and has grown into not only the premier wing defender in basketball, but one of the best all-around offensive players, too. There are some other current names that were just short of Leonard on our list -- Tony Parker, Vince Carter, Russell Westbrook, but Kawhi got the nod for his all-around impact and hyper-efficient production.

Dwight Howard The winner of three straight Defensive Player of the Year awards from toHoward was perhaps the most dominant defensive center since Bill Russell.

While his post game has deteriorated as he has lost a few steps athletically, there was a time when he could destroy defenses with a simple drop step and a dunk. He battled all of the greatest scorers of his generation, and he always held his own.

Far from just an explosive dunker, he could score from just about anywhere. From to — 10 full seasons! Teammates marveled at his ability: Doc Rivers recently told ESPN they assumed he was working on his game in secret because of the way he improved all the time without doing much at practice.

The greatest guard player in nba history

Reggie Miller Eight points, nine seconds. The Spike Lee feud. Miller shot better than 40 percent from 3-point range in 10 seasons, and still averaged Allen in his prime could score with the best of them and he was never considered a minus-defender until age robbed him of his athleticism.

In fact, want a reminder of a young Ray Allen? Check out the first play on this clip. Arguably the greatest shot in Finals history, it tied Game 6 in the waning seconds with Miami on the brink of elimination.

Ray Allen was a killer who always made the teams he was on infinitely better. Bob Pettit You can argue that Bob Pettit was the first true stretch four.

He made 11 All-Star teams despite lacking the reward of the 3-point line for his limitless range. Nor was he merely a scorer -- despite playing mostly facing the basket, he grabbed Remarkably, despite the presence of Larry Bird and Robert Parish, McHale found a way to shine, earning seven All-Star appearances, scoring with remarkable efficiency leading the league in field goal percentage twiceand generally doing everything required of the power forward position without getting in the way.

He was a Karl Malone without the offensive centerpiece freedom. George Gervin So smooth, such grace and agility, so much more than that trademark finger roll. Nobody could keep Gervin from getting to his spot, not at the hoop or from that deadly mid-range.

Even in that final season for the Bulls, Gervin averaged Gary Payton The Glove. He would make two more appearances late in his career with the Lakers and Heat, winning a title as a role player in In his prime, Payton was sheer havoc on both ends of the floor, and his combination with Shawn Kemp made the Sonics one of the most entertaining teams of the decade.Jul 03,  · Top 10 Greatest Point Guards In NBA History The list of great floor generals in the history of the NBA is very long.

The game has seen eras dominated by great point guards, and many great.

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On the year anniversary of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history announcement, ranks the top 20 NBA players of the last 20 years. by Ben Golliver. Who are the greatest point guards in NBA history? Certain names stand out, including several players who are definitely among the best NBA players of all time.

The. The greatest point guard in NBA history. Magic had unparalleled vision; he could see players get open and deliver the ball before they even realized they were open.

He could play any spot on the. By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.

Top 10 point guards

Although, a summary of his basketball career and influence on the game inevitably fails to do it justice, as a. "The Glove" is widely regarded as the greatest two-way point guard in NBA history.

Point Guards The Best Players in NBA History Greatest Players with No Rings Ranking the Top #1 Draft Picks The All-Time Greatest Coaches Top Players of the Last Decade The Best Rookies of the Year The Best Ever Team Owners Tall Players Over 7'2 Best Players from Foreign Countries Short Players Under 5'9 The Best White Guys in the NBA Most Memorable Player Nicknames Hall of Fame Candidates. Therefore, players who fit into that category were not ranked in this list. Click through this slideshow for a look at the 70 best shooting guards in NBA history. Ranking 70 Greatest Point Guards. Wingspan is a key measurement because it allows a player of a lesser stature to compete with players who may be physically taller than them. Take a look at the great defenders in the NBA, and the one common thread you will find in all of them is an impressive wingspan.

Payton appeared on nine NBA All-Defensive First Teams, including the season when he was the first and only point guard to be crowned with the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

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