The best deal gillette could get

Share Investing like Warren Buffett is neither an art nor a science. Rather, it is a study of human nature and a willingness to follow a mundane path. As the Oracle of Omaha has proved, boring does not equal unprofitable. His investments often reflect the most basic products and services, ranging from consumer goods like razor blades and laundry detergent to soft drinks and automobile insurance.

The best deal gillette could get

We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Log in or go back to the homepage. Published on February 15, Lafley predicted that Gillette would add another full percentage point to the company's annual sales growth.

And he was holding plans for Gillette's first new razor system in seven years -- Fusion -- in his back pocket. Five years later, though, things haven't exactly gone as planned.

The recession buffeted Gillette's core business -- pricey razors and blades -- and efforts to expand the Gillette and Venus brands into adjacent categories have had mixed results, at best. And the best, they say, is yet to come.

In June, Gillette launches its first substantial razor system upgrade since Fusion -- ProGlide -- promising a performance enhancement similar to that from the launch of Fusion four years ago.

It will be an acid test of whether Gillette's trade-up model can still work in what's, at worst, an intractable recession and, at best, a jobless recovery. But Matt Wohl, general manager-new product development for global grooming, said ProGlide performs as well or better on purchase intent scores compared to Turbo, which launched in following a much shallower downturn.

Innovations The new system has seven key improvements centered on producing less tug and pull, including a thinner blade that requires about a third less force to cut through facial hair, along with blade stabilizers that keep the blades from producing microscopic wobbles that hurt performance, and a micro-comb that helps smooth the way.

It all adds up to a significant decrease in irritation and an increase in closeness, said Stew Taub, research director-global Gillette male premium systems. Shirley has recently put the entire Gillette mega brand into a single unit based in Boston rather than let individual category managers, many in Cincinnati, decide the fate of such products as Gillette body wash and hair care.

But it's worse than two of the three competitors most directly affected by the deal, including Colgate-Palmolive Co. Realistically, few would have predicted the "Great Recession," which has swamped all other downturns in recent memory and hit Gillette's shaving and battery businesses particularly hard.

Men were already starting to shave less before the downturn, and both men and women alike have fewer reasons to shave when they're unemployed or go out less often. Even so, operating margins Mr. Spiking commodity costs, slower growth in higher-margin beauty and personal- care businesses including some from Gillette, and a higher mix of business from developing markets all played a role.

But it might just be too soon to tell. The acquisition of Tampax foundered on the top line for more than five years until the launch of Tampax Pearl in Ali Dibadj, a Sanford C. Sales growth has been a challenge, he said, in large measure because of the recession and because "Fusion is pushing the envelope on what a razor can do" in terms of performance and getting men to trade up.

Similarly, efforts to expand Gillette and Venus more broadly into personal care have been slower than expected. Ed Shirley, are extraordinarily high quality. So I'd say it's still a positive on the skill set from a management perspective. Part of it had some traction, but it was really underwhelming.

The same with the deodorant business. We just did not have the wherewithal and technology to be competitive. Male personal care is growing, but at least in the U. Gillette has launched upgraded deodorants, a new body-wash line and a new hair-care line since consummating the deal in October While the deodorants have gained shelf space at club stores and the body wash has stuck see related story, P.

The best deal gillette could get

Edge, first under rival SCJ and sold earlier this year to Energizer, has been taking share from Gillette in shave prep, too. But the game is far from over. Part of the ProGlide launch is an ambitious four-item expansion of Gillette's shave-prep business, including a warming pre-wash, a cooling after-shave lotion and, in a fairly bold gambit for U.

What if they'd gone with Colgate? But he also noted it would be interesting to look at the decision by another company not to combine with Gillette. It's no secret that company is Colgate-Palmolive Co. By the time the second wave of discussions came infollowing Colgate missing a quarter's earnings target and suffering a steep share-price decline, the cultural differences were likely even more of a factor.Gillette Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades.

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Gillette is rapidly trying to transform its image from "the best a man can get" to a cheaper shave.

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The best deal gillette could get

Why Amazon Stock Could Be Black Fridays’ Best Deal. Topics. News; Warren Buffett's Best Buys Buffett's most ingenuous picks were his purchases of See's Candy and Gillette. Both were so. No, I'm not useless, but I could have been because I was too stubborn to hear. Sources: Personal experience.

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P&G to acquire Gillette for $57bn "Gillette - the best a man can get". Retail analysts say the tie-up could change the balance of power between supermarkets and manufacturers. 'Dream deal' The merger has won the backing of American investment guru Warren Buffett.

Get SFGate newsletters for the latest from the Bay Giant P&G to buy Gillette / $55 billion deal would merge many big-brand products It would combine a roster of some of the world's best.

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