Poverty in pakistan essay in english

Pakistan is plagued by many social and economic problems since its inception. But one problem that beset it is poverty.

Poverty in pakistan essay in english

That I am born in Pakistan. Or I happen to be Hindu. Since beginning of civilization, my ancestors had been nurturing this western part of India with their blood and sweat.

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When British overpowered us, they sacrificed their lives with slogan of Jai Hind to realize our dream of independence. But then suddenly things changed.

They concluded that existing map of India does not look artistic. So they tore apart the timeless legacy of India and carved a green line of partition to create the Islamic State of Pakistan.

Poverty in pakistan essay in english

Now history, geography, traditions, sacrifices, patriotism — nothing mattered anymore. I was given the option to immediately move out of my ancestral land and become a refugee in streets of an unknown city in India.

It is not easy to leave everything — emotions with land of forefathers, livelihood, future of children and women — and jump into an uncertain destiny of miseries.

Yet, many of my friends chose this as a safer option. They dared to catch the train to India where being a Hindu or a Muslim did not matter. Many decided to kill their own mothers, sisters, wives and daughters just to safeguard them from sexual perverts. The number of women thus raped, killed, kidnapped or mutilated ran not in hundreds and thousands but several lakhs.

I decided to stay back and trust Jinnah — the founder of Pakistan — who also guaranteed that we would not be subject to religious discrimination. Mahatma Gandhi also trusted him. Now when I look back, I am not sure which would have been a wiser decision for me.

To stay back and continue to serve my land as my ancestors did since time immemorial. Or accept the cruel reality that tea-parties of few elite politicians can change destiny of oldest civilization of world in entirety, and hence move away from my home.

Those who decided to move to India created two harrowing world records: The goons of majority religion can abduct our women anytime.

And when they find someone else or are bored, they would throw them back in streets. There is nothing that government or police would do. Either we convert to Islam, or die or our women get in flesh trade. The entire education system is based on hatred against us. Every Pakistani kid is nurtured in this hatred against us.

Our temples are desecrated and broken any time. We have hardly any temples left today except a few heritage sites. We hear that destruction of Babri structure became such a big global news. And thousands have been destroyed since Someone would claim that we insulted the revered Prophet.

Now we would be arrested and asked to prove conclusively that we are not guilty. So we have no voice, no choice. I ask my fellow Indian brothers and sisters. What should we do? Where should we go? We did not demand for partition of our mother.Poverty is one of the major social problem Pakistan is facing.

It is one of the most important and sensitive issue not only for our self but for the whole world. Poverty can cause other social problems like theft, bribe, corruption, adultery, lawlessness, injustice.5/5(1). Nov 27,  · bro you need to carefully write outlines.

you have written that english should be the medium of instruction and at the same time you suggest that foreign research should be translated in local language, isnt it contradiction??

moreover you have also stated same things twice or more in ur outlines. like medium of education and medium of instruction.

finally essay structure doesnt allow . Nov 20,  · International Organizations Reports about poverty in Pakistan • UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Report According to a UNDP report, percent population of Pakistan earns less than 2$ per day. If you’re applying for a scholarship, chances are you are going to need to write an essay.

Very few scholarship programs are based solely on an application form or transcript. A good student should start writing Poverty in Pakistan essay with an outline and later discuss the reasons behind it and should end up with the solutions to deal with the reasons of this problem.

Poverty in Pakistan - Essay

Outline of Essay on Poverty in Pakistan for F.A, FSC, 2nd Year, B.A & BSC. Introduction with the Poverty in Pakistan. Reasons behind this problem. Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Ram Janam Bhoomi—Babri Masjid Dispute” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) Class 9, Speaking, Topics for class 9 Poverty in Pakistan Poverty in Pakistan Poverty is one of the major social problem Pakistan is facing.
POVERTY AS A SOCIAL PROBLEM Unequal access to input and output markets 4.
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