Key characteristics of multicultural organizations

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Key characteristics of multicultural organizations

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Planning the succession of the Executive Management Industrial Company The Managing Director intends to retire from the company within three years. The shareholders wish to plan his succession in advance, preferably with an internal candidate, and to have this time to prepare for the change.

In a context in which the company has various institutional shareholders with their own interests, the decision was made, so as to make the candidate evaluation process neutral, to make an external assessment of all the members of the Management Committee.

Key characteristics of multicultural organizations

Based on the assessment carried out, we concluded that none of the members of this Committee had the correct profile to take over the position.

In this complex situation because of the void that the departure of the current Managing Director could create, and of the need to make an external incorporation possible, we recommended that the Managing Director keep linked to the company filling an independent government organ, so that his successor, during this time, could benefit from valuable support.

Resizing the Top Management A leading Insurance Company on the market, with 7 million clients and a staff of The management assessment process consisted in redefining the necessary skills that the executives should have within the new business model, assessing them, measuring the gap between the existing and the target competences and, finally, defining individual and collective development plans.

Improving the efficiency of a Management Committee An industrial manufacturing company in the automobile sector, a subsidiary company of a multinational group.

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The performance of the company was being blocked by a problem of communication and understanding between the members of the Management Committee, which had repercussions on all levels of the organization.

This made difficult the interaction between departments, affecting the efficiency of the company and placing it in danger in an extremely competitive sector. In view of this critical situation, the Managing Director required external assessment to help him understand the in-depth reasons for this general uneasiness and to recommend solutions Key characteristics of multicultural organizations would enable the Management Committee to once again function as a united team in search of common objectives.

With transparency and closeness, in order to establish a relationship with the team based on trust, we got to know each member of the Committee, their background in the company, their views on the problems, their competences and motivations.

With the perspective provided by the individual, exhaustive assessment of each member of the Management Committee, as well as their ability to interact with the others, we concluded that there was a need to reinforce some Management areas with more powerful profiles and we recommended the Management Committee to play a more protagonist role in planning the objectives and the periodical follow-up on them.

Preparing a team to face major business challenges A company providing assistance services, the subsidiary company of a multinational insurance consortium. The group has established a five-year objective of doubling its activity as well as economic results of all its subsidiary companies.

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Given this challenge, the assistance company analyzed whether, with its current team, it could achieve these objectives, in an activity in which the middle management Heads of Teams, of Services, of Departments is crucial to obtain results.

The assessment process consisted of evaluating a group of 80 middle managers. Beforehand, segments of competences and motivations for the project and specific action plans for each level from reinforcing skills through to decision-making on laying people off had been defined.

A thourough assessment process enabled us to place each person in their segment of competences with precision and to establish the most suitable management policy for each one.

Securing the leadership of the Executive Management A financial entity with employees, a subsidiary company of a top-level Bank, with which it shares its distribution network.

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The Managing Director of the entity who had held the position for a year had his leadership questioned, leading to the malfunctioning of the Management Committee at a critical moment for the company, which had to carry out strategic transformation plans.

The project consisted of evaluating the Management Committee as a whole, including the Managing Director, to offer our external vision of the problem and the possible solutions and to thereby help the shareholding Bank to make a correct decision.

Key characteristics of multicultural organizations

We recommended letting go two executives, who were not committed and who acted by confronting the members of the Committee and debilitating the position of the Managing Director and we advised reinforcing the HR Management, in a context of transformation which involved redefining all the processes.

We also recommended giving the Managing Director a vote of confidence to give him the opportunity to prove his ability, with the support of a competent team and a better prepared Management Committee. Taking on an expansion plan with a suitable team Pharmaceutical multinational company, worldwide leader in ethical and hospital products The company conceives an ambitious expansion plan in a zone of emerging countries where, to date, it has little presence.

A sustained medium-term financial effort is planned. It is vital for the executive management of the territory to be able to have a high-performance, trustworthy sales team, committed to the project. Our task consisted in finding people with suitable characteristics for the job, from other existing teams in the region, as well as others that are culturally close.

We set up an assessment centre to detect the necessary talent: We assessed the potential of the people and their motivations for the project to be able to create a team in line with future requirements; recommending, at the same time, individual and collective development plans.

Candidates If you are just on the look for new opportunities, please send us your professional background: We look beyond studies and professional background, into your competences, values, and motivations, through a complete assessment.

We offer you feedback on our valuation of your skills, on the suitability of your profile to the company project and to the position and on those areas to be developed.

According to our Privacy Policy, we only inform our clients about your data when we have your consent to do so.MULTICULTURAL LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES Case: Company X, Poland LAHTI UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Key words: Leadership strategy, multicultural, diversity, multicultural competences, workplace.

CONTENTS international organizations such as WTO, OECD, EU, APEC, and so forth, has. White Supremacy Culture From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, ChangeWork, This is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture which show up in our organizations.

DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE MULTICULTURAL PRACTICES: A CASE STUDY OF education and showed that she preferred anti-bias multicultural education approach. Key Words: Early Childhood Education, Multicultural Education proposed by scholars, researchers and organizations.

The following is . Pay and Promotion. Development of policies related to pay and promotion is key to fairness in a multicultural situation. It is widely published that women make . Kevin MacDonald is Professor of Psychology, California State University (Long Beach), and the author of A People That Shall Dwell Alone (), Separation and Its Discontents (), and The Culture of Critique (), all published by Praeger.

organizations has risen, so has researcher interest in the effectiveness of teams (Bell, ). Given the increase in team-based work, there is a shift from individual to group decision-making, and therefore.

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