Ict revision part 3

To do this, UPS relies on a company-wide information system.

Ict revision part 3

Uses of ICT in the home part 3 E-mail Many people like to keep in touch with friends and family using e-mail.

Ict revision part 3

Once people have paid for their internet use, e-mails are free, no matter how many are sent. This cheap form of communication is ideal for families who want to keep in touch, particularly if they are in different parts of the world. Being able to attach files to e-mails means that photographs or even short video clips can be exchanged.

Advantages and disadvantages of using e-mail In America more e-mails are sent than traditional letters and we will soon see this happening Ict revision part 3 the UK.

Here are the advantages and the disadvantages of using e-mail compared to using traditional letters. Advantages It is very fast - e-mail is sent immediately and a reply can be sent as soon as the receiver checks their e-mail.

Ordinary post takes several days. E-mails lack the formal structure of a letter so they are quicker to write. Saves time searching for the original e-mail - you can attach a copy of the sender's e-mail with your reply, so this saves them having to search for the original message.

Cheaper than a letter - no stamp, envelope or paper is needed. There is also Ict revision part 3 time saving, so this makes e-mail cheaper. However, with internet access from televisions, land line phones and mobile phones, it will soon take over from traditional post.

Junk mail is a problem.

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You can waste time looking through e-mails that are just adverts E-mails can be intercepted or hacked into, which can make them less secure than traditional letters The system relies on people checking their e-mail regularly Older people may feel left out because they feel that they are too old to learn The equipment to send and receive e-mail is quite expensive compared to traditional Interactive services e.

Here are a few of them Online betting If you go onto any sports website on the internet you will notice the large number of online betting sites.

Some of these sites concentrate on casino style games such as poker and roulette and others offer betting on sporting events such as football, horse racing, boxing and almost any other event. Advantages of online betting: You do not have to leave the house - handy for older or disabled people Special internet offers - there are special offers to tempt you to gamble more No need to pick up your winnings - they are simply added to your credit or debit card Faster - you do not need to travel to a high street betting shop Disadvantages of online betting: A credit or debit card is needed - you have to create an account using a card before you are allowed to bet It can become addictive - for most people gambling is just a bit of fun but others can lose their family and home through excessive gambling People may gamble more than they would when using cash - the use of credit cards may encourage people to be larger amounts Dating There are a huge number of dating sites on the internet and many people choose to date this way because it offers them convenience in their busy lives.

By looking at people's pictures and learning about their interests you may feel that you know more about them than you would just chatting in a bar. Online voting One problem that government have is that many young people are turned off politics and therefore do not vote.

Maybe it is just too hard for younger people to vote. If they could vote using the internet then many more of them may have voted. Putting crosses on bits of paper in a church hall or a school may not appeal to them.

If the weather is bad then it is found that the turnout i. If people could vote using the internet then they could vote without leaving the house. One of the problems with cyber elections is that it is hard to make sure that they are fair.

The other problem is that not everyone is on the internet, so you would still need some traditional polling stations. Cyber elections have some big advantages that include: It eliminates the need to print paper ballot forms Votes would be counted much faster and more accurately Voters could vote from anywhere in the world Cyber elections have their disadvantages which include: Not everyone has access to the internet, so polling booths will still be needed The system is more open to abuse by hackers, fraudsters, etc Older people may not understand the new system Teletext services Teletext is a broadcast service which means it comes to our TVs as a television signal and because of this, and unlike the internet, it does not slow down when more users access the service.

Unlike the internetTeletext only offers quite a limited number of pages but all TVs come with the ability to receive Teletext so it is effectively free. Also, Teletext is non-interactive, which means that you have to cycle through a series of pages to get to the information you want.

Mobile phones Mobile phones are one of the most popular modern day inventions. When they were first developed they were simply the mobile equivalent of an ordinary telephone, so their main use was for having telephone conversations.

The development of the internet and other messaging systems means that mobile phones offer many new ways of communicating. Mobile phones now offer a huge range of features and these are being added to all the time. Here are some of the many things you can do using mobile phones: Send and receive text messages Make phone calls.Last minute essential revision notes for Cambridge IGCSE ICT () Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Sep 17,  · IGCSE ICT MAY JUNE Paper 21 Document Production Part 3 Evans Chikasa 1. IGCSE ICT Paper 3 October/November How to do Probability A/A* GCSE Maths revision Higher level.

Application software caries out user-related tasks and can be classified as general-purpose, specialist or tailor-made. General-purpose packages A general-purpose application package is a type of software that can perform many different related tasks. What health and safety procedures do employers have to take when dealing with ICT?

Ict revision part 3

Provide tiltible screens, anti-glare screen filters, adjustable chairs, foot suports and make sure workstations aren't cramped.

Part 3: Security standards under development