Gloria deaks everything you need to

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Gloria deaks everything you need to

It may not come with the dramatic views of the crater lakes of Sete Cidades or Fogo — you need to go to Pico do Ferro viewpoint for that — but Furnas Lake oozes tranquility and beauty. How dramatic is this church?

A spetacular display of love that can also get slightly creepy when the weather is foggy and gloomy trust me. Welcome to the moon! The eastern side, the most touristy, is where the volcanic phenomena are still pretty much alive. Filled with both tiny and large geothermal holes — fumaroles — expelling boiling mud and steam high up in the air.

Right next to it, the unique steaming holes where food is cooked. Cooking steam holes Beware, Mother Nature is cooking. Locally known as Fumarolas, these are dozens of steaming holes where the iconic cozido stew is cooked underground for about 6 hours. The best time to come here is around noon when you can see the workers pulling out the cooking pots and getting it ready to transport it to the restaurants in Furnas.

In the past, most holes were reserved for families who brought their own meal and just paid a small fee to cook it. These days, the interest in the Furnas stew is a lot bigger among tourists and most holes are reserved for restaurants.

From up here, you can see the whole Furnas valley, from the village on your left with the hot springs and tiny houses to the majestic Furnas Lake on the right.

In fact, this is one of the few spots where you can see the crater lake from above! Like in all the Furnas valley, weather may not cooperate. Clouds and rainfall are common, even in summer. Therefore, visibility might be close to nada, niente, zero. Follow the uphill road — careful, gets narrow — for about 5 more minutes.

One of the main streets in Furnas has got a real-life upside down house! Caldeiras das Furnas is a set of hot springs in the heart of Furnas town. You can venture out amongst mud springs, hot water creeks, and even tiny geysers.

Just like in the steaming holes next to Furnas Lakethe smell is not exactly pleasant here. I came here so many times I become desensitized to it, but you might feel it.

Gloria deaks everything you need to

One of my fondest memories of coming here was the corn on the cob cooked in the nearby boiling springs. My favorite snack when I was a child is still sold by lovely ladies next to the Caldeiras parking lot.

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Try it and let me know what you think! Terra Nostra is a famous landmark in Furnas with a set of hotel, restaurant, gardens, and outdoor thermal pool.

They even got different recommended itineraries for each time of the year. Apart from glorious plants and trees, there are also several outdoor small thermal pools of iron-enriched orange water to take a dip. The last time I went there, the entrance was complimentary because I had lunch in their restaurant not sure if it still applies today.

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Gloria deaks everything you need to

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