E commerce security issues

Phishing, the hacking technique of mass-mailing malicious email to trick people into clicking on malware links or disclosing private information, is on the rise.

E commerce security issues

Notes What is E-Commerce? E-commerce is fundamentally World Wide Web-based buying and selling of goods and services. Most people see it as the ultimate form of removing the intermediary or go-between also known as disintermediation. The basics of e-commerce can already be found in Electronic Data Interchange EDI that many corporations already use in conducting transactions between many of their suppliers.

Nevertheless, there are many fundamental differences between EDI and e-commerce. As these major providers and others offer more Internet-based services, the ability to protect this information may become more difficult.

E-commerce Security Issues | Phishing and Spear Phishing

As businesses increasingly choose to E commerce security issues EDI transactions over the Internet and develop e-commerce as well, the very nature of the Internet makes security and reliability real issues. With the use of substantially less secure transmission media, there will be many technical issues associated with security and reliability that will need resolution.

In fact, connecting to the Net is relatively easy. The big challenge is in the fundamental transformation of the way things get done in the world. They dissolve barriers to entry and neutralize traditional assets like physical stores and branches.

Networks dissolve the boundaries within and between companies, countries, continents and time zones. Some consider digital information highly at risk today.

Data can be intercepted by organizations or individuals that will sell it to other parties, alter it, or use it for a variety of purposes. The need for fast and reliable information exchange has certainly fueled the growth of the Internet so far.

If the integrity and confidentiality of information cannot be protected, than to some there is the potential that the Internet can create a great deal of damage.

E commerce security issues

Actually, they are different and distinct, sometimes at odds with each another. When individuals conduct private transactions there is an assumption that personal information is not being divulged to others. When a transaction is secure, it is thought to be protected from assault or corruption.

In this context, privacy is the ability of an individual to keep his identity confidential in the course of a transaction.

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An anonymous transaction, using cash as the means of payment, maintains privacy; the transaction, however, is not secure. Credit cards, on the other hand, offer security, but not privacy. There is a balance struck in the need for both privacy and security when using different methods of payment.

Individuals are willing to give up privacy for additional security or to gain more privacy, will risk some of their security.

Consumers usually desire increased security when they purchase expensive items, such as a home or car. In contrast, transactions requiring personal information mean that consumers demand more privacy. Many believe the Internet is private. Since the Internet may be used in the privacy of homes or offices, there is an illusion that transactions are private.

In most cases, however, some form of record is created, whether in the course of an electronic mail message to a friend, or in trading stock or reading the latest news online. For some, disintermediation is the driving force behind e-commerce. Disintermediation assumes there is nothing between the merchandiser and a customer, except a direct and personal connection from one computer to another, from one browser to another.

Is there really a direct and personal connection? What are the implications for security and privacy? He spoke about the rise of global networks that create in turn a networked economy: In factories and power plants.

They were big and expensive. Today, you might find electric motors in the typical home. They come inside all the things we use every day.

The same thing is happening with computing devices. Most significantly, all these tiny intelligent devices will be interwoven in the global fabric of computing and communication. Personally, I believe that future leadership institutions of all kinds will be those that know how to compete and win on the basis of knowledge - learning, adapting and improving using this vital asset we know as information.

The ability to track peoples movements, their likes and dislikes, all while being able to store and manipulate the data is comparable to being filmed and recorded 24 hours a day.Below is an overview of the research and business issues.

This will include the consumers’ concerns, technical issues, and regulatory attempts to ameliorate privacy concerns. In this examination, our attempt is not to predict what will happen or should happen, but to present issues to guide further research and business activity.

The E-Commerce Phishing Threat. Two of the most serious e-commerce security issues are phishing and spear phishing. Phishing, the hacking technique of mass-mailing malicious email to trick people into clicking on malware links or disclosing private information, is on the rise.

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E commerce security issues

E-Commerce Security Issues "The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village." (From The Medium is the Message) Historical Glimpse Marshall McLuhan was the first person to popularize the concept of a global village, and to predict its social effects.

To solve the security issues in e-commerce, merchants and payment companies should collaboratively come up with effective solutions. Though these security issues are becoming intense with time, there are solutions that online retailers can implement without affecting the user experience of their sites.

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Electronic Commerce: The Issues and Challenges to Creating Trust and a Positive Image in Consumer Sales on the World Wide Web I will also examine the issues of trust and image in e-commerce. It is not possible to separate the issues of technology, security, and trust.

The security of e-commerce decreases as its functionality .