Continuous writing about flowers

It pleases the eye at any season, surprising inexperienced gardeners. It is about this method of planting vegetation, which is known as bed continuous flowering. What is the secret to creating a masterpiece flower, and how to arrange a flower garden on the site? Content What begins work on a continuous flowering flowerbed How to choose continuously blooming flowerbeds We make a bouquet of flowers for her flower beds Important secrets of skilled gardeners to create flower beds What begins work on a continuous flowering flowerbed Since these beds many with enthusiasmcompared with the paintings, and that work on it should start with a sketch on a piece of paper.

Continuous writing about flowers

Dried arrangements Figure 1both formal and informal, can preserve the graceful lines, textures, and colors of flowers and foliage with a subtle and gently aged appearance. Arrangement of dried flowers and foliage. If they become dusty, a careful whisk with a soft brush is usually sufficient to clean them.

Dried materials can be used in vases, baskets, plaques, shadow boxes, and fresh flower arrangements. They also may be used as wall decorations; in wreaths, corsages, and leis; or as decorations on greeting cards and gift boxes.

Brandy snifters, candy jars, terrariums, and other glassware provide dramatic displays for dried materials. Pressed flowers and leaves framed under glass take on a fresh, life-like appearance.

History Preserving plant materials in a dried form is not a new idea; it has been considered an art for hundreds of years.

Fragrant dried herbs were encased with mummified bodies in Egyptian pyramids. During the Middle Ages, monks dried flowers, foliage, and herbs for use in decorative motifs or for making dyes to color their hand-printed books.

Dried flower arrangements have been popular in Europe for centuries, and as early ascolonial Americans used dried flowers to brighten their homes, especially during the dark winter months. With the development of some new preservation techniques, dried materials no longer have to appear withered and somber gray or brown.

Plant materials available commercially, as well as those that can be preserved at home with modern methods, are almost unbelievably fresh-looking and represent a wide range of colors. Thus new areas of creativity are now open to the artistically-inclined.

Collecting Plant Materials Almost any plant part—flowers, leaves, or stems—can be dried naturally or artificially. Tables 1, 2 and 3 provide suggestions for specific plants.

Many interesting and decorative cones, nuts, gourds, seed pods, flowers, foliage, fruits, and even small, graceful tree branches can be obtained by taking a walk in meadows, woods, or along roadsides.

There is no one time of the year to collect materials for drying, since some can be gathered every month and stored for future use. Do not wait until late fall and then try to gather everything all at once. Almost any plant part can be dried naturally or artificially.

Approximately twice the volume of plant parts needed should be collected to compensate for the inevitable loss that occurs both in the drying process and the subsequent makeup of a design.

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Avoid collecting plants when they are moist from dew or irrigation. Consider the importance of conservation when plants are gathered from the wild. Check with the state park service or other concerned organizations to learn which plants are endangered or protected and therefore should not be touched.

For example, gathering sea oat seeds from public lands is against Florida law. Never deplete a population of plants in an area; instead, leave a clump that will continue to grow.

There are two general categories of dried materials, those collected in an already dry condition and those picked fresh and in need of artificial drying.

Continuous writing about flowers

Naturally Dry Materials Some dry grasses, reeds, pine and other cones, and most seed pods dry naturally. They should be harvested when they are still in good condition, usually in the fall of the year at the end of their growing season, but before they become weathered in appearance.

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Flower Arrangement Essay Sample Horizontal flower arrangement- A very shallow container is used to make this type of flower arrangement. It has a single big flower as the focal point and drooping flower branches are added to each side.

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*Pattern subjects vary from flowers.

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