Are nerds and geeks cool or

Embrace your inner geek and celebrate all things nerdy!

Are nerds and geeks cool or

November 19, Note: Probably NSFW on account of bra and thong. This is a video of a thonged Russian woman attempting to cannonball through a frozen lake. She doesn't break the ice, although she does crack it a little.

Still, she's lucky she didn't break a foot or her tailbone. I've broken my tailbones before. Keep going for the video while I try to figure out what the hell is up with that dude's laugh.

Are nerds and geeks cool or

What The Heck Was That?: No word what he traded to the devil for three extra lives, but I'm guessing llritotomohiro's soul. Man, trading things that aren't even yours to begin with -- now that's one smart cat.

Keep going for the video. It looks like Deadpool's masked face and can hold up to six different knives. A shame, but, unlike the time a girlfriend made me hold her hand through the entirety of a fancy dinner out and I had to try to eat with my right hand, not a deal breaker.

Keep going for one more combo shot.

It is very similar in style to the Popeye and One Piece 'hand for a hand' tattoos we've seen in the past, except with a foot. Speaking of feet -- I broke my right pinky toe again over the weekend after stubbing it against the door frame to my bedroom.

It happens all the time. Then I have to reach down and pull the toe outward and jam it back over towards the other toes until it pops twice. One pop is not enough, it needs to go two or it won't set right.

Honestly I wanna just cut it off but my girlfriend insists it'll throw off my balance like I didn't just stumble and break my toe again even though I still have all of them.

How to Tell if You’re a Programmer Geek

It might fix me. Thanks to Dan, who informed me he plans on getting a full chest Hulk chest tattoo so he doesn't have to dress up for Halloween anymore. Unfortunately, just like the currently Bills, he doesn't do a very good job.

No word if he can still manage to chew gum and walk, but when I called to ask all I could hear was choking. Keep going for the whole video.Get clothing for every fandom at ThinkGeek.

From t-shirts and hoodies to pajamas and robes, we have what your geek closet craves. Express yourself! Aug 11,  · Let’s face it: computer programmers became cool with the dot-com wave.

Are nerds and geeks cool or

It wasn’t just the Artist-Formerly-Known-as-Prince who was partying in , it was all those pimple-faced anonymous geeks who built the Netscapes, Googles and of the world.

However, unfortunately since geeks tend to be more vocal some geeks will have you convinced that everything about a geek is cool while a nerd is uncool and a social outcast. The truth is, both geeks and nerds are socially awkward with not many “real” friends.

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I have always been a Revenge of the Nerds fan. When I was a kid, I had all of them on VHS and watched them regularly on TV. When 1 and 2 came on a double sided DVD, I was waiting for so . Mashable is a constant stream of the very latest in technology, social media trends and entertainment.

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