A profile overview of the chesapeake energy corporation

CHK institutional sentiment decreased to 1. The ratio turned negative, as institutional investors opened new and increased stock positions, while decreased and sold their stock positions in Chesapeake Energy Corp. Also, the number of institutional investors holding Chesapeake Energy Corp in their top 10 stock positions increased from 3 to 4 for an increase of 1.

A profile overview of the chesapeake energy corporation

OARAbased on allegations of Defendants' "conspiracy to rig bids and depress the market for purchases of oil and natural gas leasehold interests located within the State of Oklahoma.

So, said Defendants, to the extent the ACPERA federal law limited damages and conflicted with the treble damage provision of OARA, federal law preempted state law antitrust claims under the doctrine of conflict preemption.

Plaintiff first argued that the assertion of a federal defense -- the limitation on damages under ACPERA -- to his state law claim under OARA did not convert his state law claim under OARA into a federal claim within the exclusive domain of the federal courts.

Plaintiff secondly argued that federal antitrust law did not, ipso facto, preempt state law antitrust claims. Plaintiff thirdly pointed out that ACPERA, by its own terms, applied to "any civil action alleging a violation of section 1 or 3 of the Sherman Act, or alleging a violation of any similar State law.

Plaintiff also pointed out that parallel federal and state law antitrust claims have been allowed to proceed against ACPERA participants. Plaintiff appeals, and the matter stands submitted on the trial court record.

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The purpose of a motion to dismiss is to test the law that governs the claim in litigation rather than to examine the underlying facts of that claim. It is well established that federal antitrust law does not preempt the assertion of antitrust claims under parallel state antitrust law. Indeed, it appears well-recognized that "Congress ha[s] not preempted the field of antitrust law, but rather intend[s] the federal antitrust laws to supplement, not displace, state antitrust remedies.

However, given the complimentary provisions of federal antitrust law and state antitrust law, we further hold that the doctrine of conflict preemption does not divest the state courts of subject matter jurisdiction to determine state law antitrust claims against ACPERA participants.

Ohio ; Oracle America, Inc.Below is the stock price history for Chesapeake Energy CHK. Data is recorded each day for the historical open, high, low, close and volume. The Chesapeake Energy stock price history on this page may differ at times from other common exchange data as it is obtained from broker feeds.

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Chesapeake Energy Corporation and the Oklahoma City Thunder have partnered with Oklahoma Cleats for Kids for a Holiday Festival at the Chesapeake Giving Tree!

H appening this Friday, December 8th 5PM-7PM at the Chesapeake Western Campus. Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is a diversified energy company engaged in natural gas distribution, transmission, gathering and processing, and marketing; electricity generation and distribution; propane gas distribution and other businesses.

Chesapeake Energy, based in Oklahoma City, explores for, produces, and markets natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids in the U.S.

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It focuses on unconventional plays, with large positions in the. View Paul's Full Profile Summary Chesapeake Energy March – August (3 years 6 months) Managed the state government relations program for the Chesapeake Energy Corporation, the second-largest producer of natural gas, the 11th largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids and.

Chesapeake Energy Corporation P.O. Box Oklahoma City, OK [email protected] Chesapeake Energy Counties where Chesapeake has pipelines Chesapeake Pipelines.

A profile overview of the chesapeake energy corporation

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