A literary analysis of the hot zone by richard preston

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A literary analysis of the hot zone by richard preston

I'm back, and with a beanie finally -- it's good to walk around Whyville able to chat and discuss openly about all these new ideas for the Critique Club. Speaking of which -- the first one is coming up!

This Saturday at 4: The works that we will be analyzing this week include: To prepare all of you for the talk, I've decided to jot down some questions and topics so that you can provide us with some insightful comments!

And remember, you are more than welcome to debate these books among yourselves -- this is not a show for my entertainment and ego. This book contains a lot of topics to discuss just by itself; so first, think about when you had an opinion on a controversial issue that was different from those around you.

How did you feel? Why do people tend to support conformity "going along with the crowd"? If you read this book, you should examine Faber's three necessities for happiness; in our society, do we have them? The book is also separated into three sections with very specific titles; why do you think Bradbury named each section the way he did?

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Do you approve of banning books? If so, when do you think it's ok? Who do you think should decide it? How do you think "political correctness" relates to this book and today's society?


Do you see much value in Fahrenheit for today's world? The Crucible Arthur Miller: Specifically, understand the connection that Miller tried to make between his play about the Salem Witch Trials and the Red Scare.

What does he tell us about a government not ruled by reason? How do we or how would you prevent that from happening today? Under what situations do events like this unfurl?

Why do you think Miller chose the Salem Witch Trials as a time to highlight, rather than other events? This book is often called by older folk like myself!


It's not a book about wizards and witches, but it does take you to far-off places for sure. Do you think captivating the audience with science instead of fantasy works?

The Hot Zone by Zach Lutner on Prezi

What do you think attracts youth today? Have Spacesuit, Will Travel was written years and years ago -- does it still have a place in a young adult's reading career?

If you've read other Heinlein books, how does this compare to his other writing?The Hot Zone Quotes (showing of 57) “In biology, nothing is clear, everything is too complicated, everything is a mess, and just when you think you understand something, you peel off a layer and find deeper complications beneath.

Hot Zone: Most of you probably heard of the fear-striking virus known as Ebola, but how much do you really know about it? Take a step inside this book, and Richard Preston will show you a world of viruses, at times explaining in horrifying detail.

A literary analysis of the hot zone by richard preston

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Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.” students would also read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston (an engrossing narrative about the Ebola virus) (or no responses at all), consider the Character Analysis approach, which is actually useful for follow-up work in the fall.

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