28 days later

Set in Englandduring the early 21st centurythe story concerns the breakdown of society following the accidental release of a deadly virus known as " Rage ", which turns people mindlessly violent, and the struggle of four survivors to come to terms with the ruins of everything they once knew.

28 days later

This was before Facebook, before Twitter, before Instagram. Zombies in the Ether A coma patient wakes up in a world overrun by zombies. Before he understands the nature of this new nightmarish landscape, he wanders around a spooky, abandoned hospital.

28 days later

At one point, he picks up the phone, but the line is dead. Later he is seen as a lone figure against the backdrop of an abandoned city. Eventually, he bands together with other survivors and they soon learn that the real horror is other humans.

The difference between these two zombie apocalypse tales, one longform, the other short-form, is the difference between a series of meandering novels and a single effective short story.

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Whereas the show has chosen to draw out its worldview over eight seasons of television and counting, the movie is able to tell you everything it thinks you need to know about humanity in the span of two hours.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after the pilot episode of The Walking Dead aired, creator Robert Kirkman had this to say about the notable similarities between 28 Days Later, his own comic book series, and the TV show based on it: So we were working on our second issue by the time I saw it.

Whatever the case, it would be another seven years before The Walking Dead made it to the small screen and that might never have happened had 28 Days Later not first paved the way for the zombie resurgence on celluloid.

It just so happened to be one of the best horror films of the s. These days, Boyle is an Academy Award-winning filmmaker who is preparing to take on the tentpole of the 25th James Bond moviewhile Garland has come into his own as a director to rival the young Ridley Scott with his back-to-back science fiction gems Ex Machina and Annihilation.

The faces in front of the camera have since gone on to great things, too. Brendan Gleeson and Christopher Eccleston, both of whom play memorable supporting characters in the movie, were more established actors, but their stateside fame would increase, most recently landing them on Mr.

Mercedes and The Leftovers, respectively. As a zombie movie, 28 Days Later bucked standards in its treatment of the way zombies move. These zombies were runners, more like the galloping dead. Slate called 28 Days Later a zombie flick turned humanist parable.

If nothing else, 28 Days Later is a film that keeps that social commentary tradition very much alive. The Tyranny of Toxic Rage Cinematically, has there ever been a sturdier indictment of toxic rage than the concept of the rage virus?

I love you very much. The Internet just happens to give people an easier platform for being confrontational, delivering drone-strike words without the consequences of a face-to-face engagement. When asked what issues he was trying to explore with 28 Days Later, Boyle said: You get it in hospital waiting rooms and you get it in airplanes and airports.

It seems to be a speed fixation. In that way, 28 Days Later is timelier than ever. Itchy trigger-fingers have evolved to become itchy Twitter-fingers. As trite as it might seem to trot out social media as a movie monster, a damning picture of it does start to form when you view it through the blood-red filter of 28 Days Later.

Irate comments and tweets are certainly lamentable, but in the rush to keep up with deadlines and the online news cycle, members of the movie blogosphere are sometimes as guilty as anyone else of perpetuating the rage virus.

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Behind a comfy keyboard, the same seemingly rational person who preaches civility in film discourse might then turn around and hurl expletives at a customer service rep or unleash a torrent of abusive words at a politician. Tread carefully, apocalypse survivors.Viral apocalypse, zombies, and terror.

For adults. Read Common Sense Media's 28 Days Later review, age rating, and parents guide. 28 Days Later by Filmhimmel. in Fancy > Destroy 6,, downloads ( yesterday) comments Free for personal use. Download. 28 Days ashio-midori.com 15 years after it hit theaters, Danny Boyle’s zombie masterpiece has only become more relevant and chilling.

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28 days later

28 Days Later fans who’ve been dying for resolution after the horrifying sequel 28 Weeks Later . 28 Weeks Later is a British-Spanish post-apocalyptic horror film co-written and directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.A sequel to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later (), it stars Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau, Catherine McCormack, Imogen Poots, and Idris Elba.

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